In today’s current economic climate many people have found themselves struggling with their personal finances and subsequently amassing hundreds or thousands of pounds in debt through credit cards, personal loans and car loans etc with no way of paying them back.

For the first 9 years of our marriage we were in thousands of pounds in debt too. However, through applying certain disciplines and debt reduction strategies we have been consumer debt free for 16 years.
However, we still use debt for business purposes which allows us to generate incomes greater than the repayments, thus allowing us to earn profits.


The difference between an asset and a liability
Debt cancellation strategies
How to generate money
How to think like the wealthy
How you either control money or else it will control you
Financial stewardship
Financial integrity
Financial mindsets
Dream building


There are basically two ways to learn in life – number one by experience which can be a bad teacher and number two by mentors.

Coaching is basically a mentorship programme and mentors are bridges to tomorrow that deal with your future. Friends love you the way you are, but mentors care too much to leave you the way you are.

Financial Coaching will enable you to make plans to get out of debt, help you budget properly and bring your financial statements back into the black which will provide you with a stepping stone to increase your disposable income which can then be used to generate other incomes.

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